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Yabu has many wonderful destinations and sights to see during all four seasons. Select any of these travel itineraries depending on the season or your preferences to enjoy the beautiful scenery and spend your time here to the fullest.


Springtime Sakura Tour

A tour designed for those who would like to visit Yabu during the springtime to enjoy the cherry blossom trees and beautiful nature scenery


Kathy's Outdoor Summer Tour

Kathy is an English teacher currently living in Yabu, She hopes that everyone enjoys the elegance and nature of this town, and recommends that you visit during all four seasons. Her summer plan includes hiking up Mt. Hyonosen and having a picnic while enjoying the view. Going to Ayu Park to capture some fish for a nice barbecue and lastly viewing the beautiful starry sky with a guided tour. She also recommends going canyoning for some adventurous fun while visiting the area!


Fall Foliage Tour

Enjoy the beauty of the Japanese momiji leaves in the fall. The lovely fall colors will be sure to capture your heart and you will be sure to fall in love with autumn in Yabu.


Enjoy the Winter Slopes

Located in northern Hyogo Prefecture Yabu is a great destination to enjoy winter sports. With a total of four ski resorts, many lodges to stay at and relaxing onsen, Yabu is the ultimate destination for the perfect winter vacation.


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