About Yabu City

Throughout Yabu, there are many wonderful sightseeing destinations, where you can enjoy the lush nature and the beautiful seasonal changes. You can experience traditional Japanese festivities, outdoor activities and interact with the kind and warm-hearted locals. The opportunities and ways you can spend your time here are endless. We recommend you visit Yabu by car, so you can freely roam around and enjoy the full experience of exploring the countryside.

Yabu Area Map

Seasonal Highlights

Each of the four seasons in Yabu offers unique, but different kinds of natural beauty. We hope you come visit us to see the seasonal changes and one-of-a-kind of a kind views that you can only find here!


The springtime or sakura season is a beautiful time in Japan. The cherry blossom trees can be admired throughout Yabu in various locations. During the spring we recommend you visit these beautiful nature sights which include Tarumi no Ozakura the largest Edo Higan Cherry Blossom tree of the prefecture that is estimated to be over 1000 years old. If you would like to admire some Yozakura (night time viewing of cherry blossom trees) we also recommend the beautiful weeping cherry blossom trees by Saihoji Temple.

In Yoka there is also a stunning panoramic view of the cherry blossom trees along the Takayanagi Shosa Line. This view can be admired from the Towa Bridge, and is named the Spring River of Yoka because of the beautiful river-like row of cherry blossom trees that line the road. After the end of the sakura season comes the month of May when Bekku no Tanada, a beautiful rice terrace, is filled with water. Photographers come to view the upside-down reflection of Mt. Hyonosen to snap some shots at this popular photo spot.


The summer season is time for adventure and is when you can experience nature to its fullest, from camping, admiring the fireflies in the Okumeiji area to outdoor activities you can enjoy the hot summer season by admiring the beauty of nature in Yabu. Visitors can camp out in the Ishigado Log House Village where you can make old-style craft activities such as bamboo dragonflies, magatama, and ocarina from scratch and stay in traditional log houses. For those looking for a more luxurious style of camping glamping or glamorous camping is another option that is available at Wakasu Highland Campsite in Oya.

The summer is the optimal time for enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Numerous outdoor activities from paragliding, mountain climbing, rowing, trekking, and biking can be experienced in the area. Don’t forget to go stargazing at night which is an activity you cannot miss, guided stargazing hikes are available by Wakasu Highlands. For those looking for family friendly activities there is also Ayu Park where you can grab and catch Ayu fish by hands, then grill and enjoy the freshly caught fish. Summertime is also matsuri season or festival season where you can enjoy the local festivals and view the beautiful display of fireworks. Various traditional and cultural festivals can be enjoyed such as the lighting of a local mountain during Miyake no Mandosan as well as many traditional dances including the Zanzako Odori which happens during August.


Fall is one of the most stunning seasons in Yabu. Every year photographers across the Kansai region come visit Yabu jinja-Shrine to snap photographs of the stunning momiji leaves. The fall is also a wonderful and optimal time to visit Tendaki Falls which looks beautiful against the fall foliage. Driving around the area and hiking Mt. Hyonosen or Mt. Hachibuse is also the perfect autumn activity.

The beautiful contrast of the green cedar trees and lovely blend of orange, yellow, browns and red leaves throughout the mountains is a breathtaking view that you won’t want to miss. Outside of the stunning fall views, there are many traditional festivals throughout the season including Nette Sumo, Kuroku Zanzaka Odori, and the annual Mt. Hyonosen climbing festival. In the Oya area of Yabu which is known for art, there is a display of wooden art that is brought together every fall. Artists from all over Japan submit their wooden artwork which is judged in a local competition. The fall season is a wonderful time to visit Yabu, with various events going on and the beautiful fall scenery, it is a time of year that you will not want to miss.


During the wintertime it snows in Yabu, making it an optimal destination for skiing in the Kansai region. The area has 4 ski resorts and during the ski season, many people come visit to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and different kinds of winter sports. Rental gear is also available with many rental shops and lodges near the ski resorts, for those who plan to stay the weekend there. After going for a ski resting your body in the warm and soothing onsen at Mando no Yu in Sekinomiya or Wakasu Highland Spa house in Oya is the perfect way to end the day.

When in doubt we recommend you warm up to a delicious bowl of nabe or hotpot during the winter season. Enjoy Hachibuse Nabe, a local specialty made of fresh local veggies and niku dango (meatballs) made from minced duck and pheasant meat. Once the new year hits there will be various special local events such as a wonderful display of fireworks at the Hachi Highland festival as well as Maisou Matsuri, a fire festival of torches, and hitting on oni (Japanese devils) to wish for a healthy year.

Surrounding Areas

Kinosaki Onsen

Located in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, this is a hot spring town with over 1300 years of history. A popular way to enjoy the town is to stroll around and visit the 7 different public bath houses in traditional Japanese yukata. The town is filled with nature, and visitors can even see Oriental storks, which were once extinct in Japan, circling around in the sky.

Takeda Castle

Takeda Castle Ruins, which is also known as the “castle floating in the sky” because of how the castle ruins appear to be floating on a sea of clouds. The castle was said to have been built in 1431 to protect the Ikuno Silver Mine. It was abandoned in 1600 due to the government policies at the time and has been left untouched and preserved since then.


This is the second major city in Japan after Tokyo. This is also the prefecture where Kansai International Airport, which is the major international airport in the region, is located. Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan are a few of the popular spots in Osaka. Yabu is an approximately 2-hour journey away by car or by train from downtown Osaka.


Many shrines and temples can be found in Kyoto, which is the former imperial capital of Japan. This is a highly popular area among tourists. The city area, located in a low-lying area in a valley, has plenty of historic buildings, and the northern part also has scenic spots such as Amanohashidate, which is ranked among Japan’s three most scenic views.

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