🌸 Springtime Sakura Tour 🌸

The perfect tour to enjoy the springtime weather and the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Yabu.

🌸The tour starts with lunch at Michi-no Eki Yabu where you can enjoy the 油そば (soupless noodles) or a lovely cafe style lunch set.

🌸 A lovely drive along the Maruyama River to enjoy the road of Sakura

🌸 Go view Tarumi no Ozakura – the oldest edo-higan cherry blossom tree in the prefecture.

🌸 Go view the grand weeping cherry blossom tree by Saihoji Temple.

🌸Stop by Michi no Eki Yoka to enjoy the Asakura Sansho soft serve and purchase some local gifts.

🌸Ending with a relaxing stroll by the Osa River to enjoy the 200 cherry blossom trees growing alongside the river.

Course overview

JR Yoka Station

Michi-no-Eki Yabu

After its re-opening in March of 2020, Michi-no Eki Yabu has a new dining area COINOBA Village which includes a trendy cafe, bakery, and an abura soba (soupless noodles) shop. A perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a meal on your next road trip to Yabu!

Maruyama River Sakura Road

The row of cherry blossom trees lined along the Maruyama River is the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in Yabu while going for a drive. We recommend you stop by Michi-no-Eki Yabu for a quick lunch to enjoy their soup less noodles or purchase some yummy homemade bread on the way home!

Tarumi no Ozakura

Tarumi-no-Ozakura is the largest Edo-higan cherry blossom tree in Hyogo Prefecture and is established as one of Japan’s natural monuments. Scaling a height of 13.8 meters with a trunk circumference of 6.3 meters, it has been said that the tree is over 1000 years old. A long time ago the princess of the Izushi Feudal clan visited the famous tree, and since then it has been called sen zakura (“sen” meaning enlightened) by the locals.


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