Tag: Tradition

  • Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

    Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

    A sericulture farmhouse from over 150 years ago was revived in to an art gallery. Uchigee art that was founded in Oya as well as wood carving folk art is displayed in the gallery. It is a space where artists living in the nature and countryside can come together to bring their artwork to public…

  • Ohashiri Matsuri

    Ohashiri Matsuri

    The festival has been around for over 1800 years, and is a traditional practice that has been established as intangible cultural property. The morning of the festival the participants shout “Hattou, Yogozaruka” and start carrying the Mikoshi (sacred palanquin) from the Yabu Shrine all the way to the Itsuki Shrine. The route is 40 km…

  • Wakasu Zanzaka Odori

    Wakasu Zanzaka Odori

    Dressed in colorful costumes and hats decorated with flowers the Wakasu Zanzaka dancers move to the rhythm of the drums and present an old fashioned, but graceful dance. The dancers move while playing the drums and present a unique style of dance called Suwari Odori (dancing while sitting). Another name for this dance is “Hime…