6 Reasons to Visit Yabu

1.Beautiful Drive

Experience the stunning scenery and beautiful views of Yabu while going for a scenic drive.

The views of the lush green mountains, the fresh air of the Japanese countryside, and glistening rivers will charm all visitors and put them to their heart’s content.

The area is especially scenic in the summer and fall seasons. In the summer the susuki grass shimmers in the sunlight and dances with the breeze, alongside the bright blue sky. In the autumn visitors will fall in love with the gradation of the beautiful autumn tones of the foliage throughout the mountains.

Enjoy a drive throughout Yabu, or even a bike ride to refresh and experience the 4 seasons in its beautiful harmony.

2.Friendly Locals

Come and meet the warm and friendly locals of Yabu. From traditional Japanese summer matsuri, or special festivities such as Zanzako Odori that occur throughout the year.

There are many ways you can participate in activities and engage with the locals here. In the compact and warm community, visitors can easily interact with the local grannies at a quaint restaurant or enjoy a cup of coffee at an artsy cafe inside of an old Japanese-style home.

You can experience the serene and welcoming atmosphere of the inaka (Japanese countryside). The interaction and small talk that you will have here is truly a hidden treasure and something quite difficult to experience in the more touristy areas.

Come for the peaceful and calming nature of interacting and connecting with the friendly locals of Yabu.

3.Beautiful Nature

Yabu has stunning nature views throughout all four seasons representative of rural Japan. One of the most widely known sightseeing spots of the area is Tendaki Falls, a stunning waterfall ranked in the top 100 waterfalls in Japan and has a drop that is 98 meters long.

During the spring season, visitors can come to see Tarumi no Ozakura the largest Edo Higan Cherry Blossom tree of Hyogo Prefecture estimated to be over 1000 years old. The Yabu area is also known for being a mountainous region with many rivers flowing throughout, but the most representative mountain of Yabu is Mt. Hyonosen; it reaches 1510 meters at its highest point and is the tallest in the prefecture.

The autumn season is the most scenic, and visitors can enjoy the fall foliage at Yabu Shrine. Don’t forget to snap photos across the famous red bridge (it’s a photo spot you won’t want to miss).

During the winter season, visitors can enjoy a winter wonderland by snowboarding or skiing at 4 of our ski resorts, and warm up to some nabe (hot pot) by the nearby lodges afterward.

No matter what time of year, visitors can come to enjoy the beauty of nature throughout all four seasons, which will surely bring serenity to all who visit.

4.Seasonal Activities

Yabu is the perfect destination for those with an adventurous heart, and those who like to enjoy outdoor activities.

The area boasts 4 ski resorts and is especially known for being a skiing and snowboarding destination in the Kansai area during the winter season.

Visitors of varying levels from beginner to advanced can come take on the slopes.

During the warmer seasons the area offers various outdoor activity options from family-friendly stargazing hikes, outdoor barbecues, glamping for those feeling a little bit fancier, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and paragliding the opportunities for adventure are endless.

From exhilarating outdoor activities to more laid-back ways of enjoying nature there are many different ways you can enjoy the seasonal changes and beauty of Yabu.

5.Rich History

Yabu is known for having a rich history and culture that is embedded throughout its development.

Oya is a cultural art area in Yabu known for having a long history of sericulture. The area is filled with three-story silkworm farmhouses that were used to raise silkworms. Although these businesses remain no longer active today, many of these houses still remain and are representative of the Oya landscape.

Visitors may also pay a visit to the Sericulture Memorial Hall and come to learn about the history of silkworms. The area also boasts the Akenobe Mine which used to be the most productive tin mine in Japan. Visitors can tour inside of the mine and view the openly displayed machinery/equipment which was used in the past.

For those interested in art, Oya is known for having a rich display of wood carved art and holds an annual competition that gathers artists throughout Japan.

There are also art communities such as Big LABO where the Yabu community gathers to share, display, and produce art.

6.Delicious Food

Yabu is the destination to enjoy fresh, local cuisine, and has many specialty food products.

This includes Jamongan Mai, a type of a delicious rice that is rich in minerals, Asakura Sansho, a Japanese pepper with fresh citrusy undertones, Tajima Beef which is known to be the original source of Kobe beef and Yoka Pork which has a sweet taste and succulent texture.

The area has a rich history of brewing culture, and has many local businesses that have been producing soy sauce, vinegar and sake for many generations. The restaurants in the area also dedicate themselves to using local and fresh produce, as well as the specialty foods in their dishes.

Not only is the food local and fresh, but the atmosphere and warm hospitality of the restaurants unique to the Japanese countryside is one you can look forward to.

From cafes that are located in renovated old Japanese homes, restaurants with a traditional irori grill, the hidden gems that you will stumble upon in Yabu are endless.

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