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  • Restaurant Yano

    Restaurant Yano

    Restaurant Yano is a Chinese-inspired Japanese diner offering a wide variety of menu items. Their lunch set ramen and udon menus are famous for their reasonable prices and large portions. The “Chinese Soba Noodle” is by far the most highly recommended by staff. Spots detail

  • KATASHIMA Pâtisserie & Café

    KATASHIMA Pâtisserie & Café

    Opened in 1970, Katashima is a long-established western sweets shop in Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture. Currently, the company operates four locations across Hyogo and Kyoto Prefecture and one French restaurant. Their confections are made using carefully selected local Tajima ingredients and are truly scrumptious masterpieces that bring joy to customers of all generations. Spots detail

  • Menya Tenkamuteki Ramen

    Menya Tenkamuteki Ramen

    If you are driving along Route 9, stop by Menya Tenkamuteki and try its “Takaida-style Chinese noodles.” The thick soy sauce broth and special extra-thick noodles will surely fill your stomach. You can also request for the soup to be thickened or the noodles made thinner, according to your wants, making it ideal for everyone.…

  • Murannaka


    “Murannaka” is a small farmhouse restaurant tucked in a corner of a field surrounded by rice paddies at the foot of a mountain. Opened in 2019 on exclusive farmland, it was the first restaurant in Yabu City to take advantage of the city’s special status as a National Strategic Special Zone. Yabu’s NSSZ status helps…

  • Michi-no-Eki Yabu

    Michi-no-Eki Yabu

    After its re-opening in March of 2020, Michi-no Eki Yabu has a new dining area COINOBA Village which includes a trendy cafe, bakery, and an abura soba (soupless noodles) shop. A perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a meal on your next road trip to Yabu! Spots detail

  • Ohashi


    At walking distance from Yoka roadside station (Michi no Eki Yoka), this Japanese restaurant focuses on providing the ultimate culinary experience by only utilizing local ingredients from local suppliers of the Tajima region and the prefectural Sea of Japan. Handling each ingredient with the utmost respect, owner Chef Dōgaki delicately creates fine dishes that highlight…

  • Tanigaki


    Hidden in one of Yoka’s back streets with a welcoming chalkboard message “EAT LOCAL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR,” this newly renovated hip Japanese izakaya is all about organic seasonal food. Specialties here include dishes incorporating the legendary Yoka pork and Asakura sanshō pepper that exceptionally pair with their craft beer as well as with a wide…

  • Restaurant Le Bouquet

    Restaurant Le Bouquet

    Le Bouquet is a retro and stylish restaurant offering a menu focused on Tajima beef dishes. Since its opening in 1973, Bouquet’s steaks, stews, hamburgers, and course dinners have been favourited by visitors who come to experience our world-renowned Wagyu beef. Bouquet’s famous fried jumbo tiger prawns and lunch set menus are also popular and…

  • Cafe&Sweets Buzz

    Cafe&Sweets Buzz

    Fancy a team in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by rice paddies and mountains? This café proudly produces delicious pastries and sweets that go well as dessert with their popular lunch set menus. Spots detail

  • Restaurant La Rivière

    Restaurant La Rivière

    La Rivière is a French-inspired restaurant committed to using only local products. As its name suggests, the restaurant is situated along the Maruyama River where a row of Sakura trees delights patrons every spring during the blossom season.The restaurant updates its menu every month according to the season, focusing on delicious local ingredients, so you…

  • Michi-no-Eki Tajima Rakuza

    Michi-no-Eki Tajima Rakuza

    Michi no Eki Tajima Rakuza is a resting area that will brighten up the mood of your trip. From enjoying the world famous Tajima Beef, beautiful scenic nature of the area, a natural onsen, relaxing hotel, delicious seafood, gift shop and a convenience store! There are many things you can look forward to here. A…

  • Michi-no-Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura

    Michi-no-Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura

    Tajima no Kura has a clear open space, and was made to look like a Kura (a Japanese warehouse, with thick walls, used to store valuables during natural disasters). A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered by local farmers on the daily. There is also a restaurant area with the fragrant smell…

  • Yabu Onsen Tajima Rakuza

    Yabu Onsen Tajima Rakuza

    Yabu Onsen is a natural hot spring that has radon and a weak alkali content. This spring is good for treating a variety of things including nerve and muscle pain and chronic digestive disease. The spring has an excellent capability of retaining heat and continues to remain hot for long hours. The silky smooth spring…