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  • Wood Art Gallery

    Wood Art Gallery

    A space where visitors can feel the grandour of both the artistry and warmth of wood carvings. This space is the only location in Japan where visitors can come see the wood carving folk art displayed by artists in the Tajima and Oya areas. The artworks displayed are telling of history, and are permanently displayed.…

  • Oya Art Village BIG LABO

    Oya Art Village BIG LABO

    An art community that brings together experimental art! BIG LABO in Oya is located inside of Old Oya High School which was abandoned, but then reformed in to an art space to bring locals and artwork together. The location was renewed in Spring of 2012 and brings together the art community by providing studio space…

  • Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

    Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

    A sericulture farmhouse from over 150 years ago was revived in to an art gallery. Uchigee art that was founded in Oya as well as wood carving folk art is displayed in the gallery. It is a space where artists living in the nature and countryside can come together to bring their artwork to public…