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Yabu is a rural town in Northern Hyogo Prefecture located around 2 hours from Osaka and Kyoto by train. To get here you need to go to JR Yoka Station which is on the JR express train lines leaving from Osaka and Kyoto and is located in the center of Yabu. This conveniently allows you to easily enjoy a relaxing trip without any transfers. There are 3 ways you can travel to Yabu from Tokyo.

The first method is by plane, bus and train, the second option is to ride the shinkansen and train and the last option is by car. If arriving here by plane you can use Tajima Airport which brings passengers from Itami Airport in Osaka to Tajima twice a day.

There is a bus that brings passengers to JR Toyooka Station from the airport, and you can catch a train to JR Yoka Station from there.

When accessing Yabu from Tokyo by shinkansen, get off at Kyoto or Osaka Station and then transfer to a JR express train which will bring you straight to Yoka. To enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery of Yabu, the third and most recommended way of transportation to Yabu is by car because it will allow you to freely roam the area. We also offer a taxi service, just make sure to make a reservation at least two days in advance. The taxi will come right to JR Yoka station to pick you up, and the cost is measured by a fixed hourly rate. There are also taxis available to rent by Tajima Airport and Toyooka. Public buses are also available for transportation within town.





If you are planning to purchase a JR express train ticket, you may do so by the ticket window or through the ticket machines at any of the JR stations. For more specific details regarding train routes please go to the Official JR West Japan website. You may also purchase a Japan Rail Pass ahead of time in your country which will allow you to utilize most of the JR transportation services for a designated amount of time.


There are highways that extend towards Yabu City from each major city in the Kansai Region, making it very accessible by car. Please make sure to get off at the Yabu or Yoka Hyonosen IC. If getting a rental car from Tajima Airport it will take around 30 minutes when taking a local route. Yabu and most areas in the Kansai region have relatively very little traffic which will make driving around a fun and freeing experience. By Tajima Airport or Toyooka you may rent a car at Toyota Rent a Car or Nippon Rent a Car.


From Tajima to Itami Airport there are two flights a day operated by Japan Airlines. Each ride takes around 30 minutes. Since it is a compact plane, the amount of luggage you can bring is limited, so please make sure to pack lightly. To match with the arrival of the airplane there is a bus that will directly lead you JR Toyooka Station.

Flat Rate Taxi

A flat rate taxi is the perfect form of transportation for tourists coming to Yabu by train, who would like to conveniently explore the area. To utilize this service, you can directly contact the taxi company or the Yabu Tourism Association. You can get on the taxi from either JR Yoka Station, Michi no Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura, Tajima Rakuza as well as any of the hotels or lodging services within Yabu. Each taxi fee depends on an hourly time service making it very convenient and wallet friendly for exploring the area.

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