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Springtime Sakura Tour

A tour designed for those who would like to visit Yabu during the springtime to enjoy the cherry blossom trees and beautiful nature scenery

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JR Yoka Station




Michi-no-Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura

Tajima no Kura has a clear open space, and was made to look like a Kura (a Japanese warehouse, with thick walls, used to store valuables during natural disasters). A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered by local farmers on the daily. There is also a restaurant area with the fragrant smell of wood, where visitors can enjoy popular items including seasonal okowa (mixed rice) and obanzai (traditional style of Japanese cooking native to Kyoto) as well as many dishes that include local specialty foods including Jamongan rice, and Yoka Pork. Visitors may also enjoy the ashiyu (foot bath) to rid of the travel fatigue.




Hasamaji no Satoyama no Mori Park Golfing Course

Hasamaji Satoyama Forest Park has 3 golf courses and features beautiful Sakura trees that you can enjoy while playing golf with friends. Rental materials are also available, and perfect for easily enjoying a game or two. Outside of the course is a community center, and a multipurpose park (includes playground equipment as well as a bathroom).




Tarumi no Ozakura

Tarumi no Oozakura is the largest Edhigan Cherry Blossom Tree in Hyogo Prefecture and is established as one of Japan's natural monuments. Scaling a height of 13.8 meters with a trunk circumference of 6.3 meters, it has been said that the tree is over 1000 years old. A long time ago the princess of the Izushi Feudal clan visited the famous tree, and since then it has been called Sen Sakura ("sen" meaning enlightened) by the locals.




Saihoji Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

A beautiful weeping cherry blossom tree located inside of Saihoji Temple. During Sakura season the tree is lit up during night time

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