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  • Blooming Japanese Swamp Lanterns of Mizubasho Park

    The Mizubasho Park” in Kahozaka, Oya district opened to the public on Thursday, April 18. Number of plants in bloom: Approximately 1,341 (as of Sunday, April 21).

  • Save-the-Date: 2024 Nakase Cherry Blossom Festival (4/7)

    Save-the-Date: 2024 Nakase Cherry Blossom Festival (4/7)

    The Nakase Cherry Blossom Festival will be held this Sunday, April 7 at the square in front of the Nakase gymnasium in the Nakase district, Sekinomiya. Organized by friendly and welcoming members of the local community, the festival will have multiple food stalls offering Kinzan-yaki, Tajima Beef Yaki, Yakisoba (fried noodles), Karaage (fried chicken), and…

  • 🍂Fall Foliage Tour🍂

    🍂Fall Foliage Tour🍂

    Enjoy the beauty of the Japanese momiji leaves in the fall. The lovely fall colors will be sure to capture your heart and you will be sure to fall in love with autumn in Yabu. Course Detail JR Yoka Station Yabu Shrine One of the 5 main shrines in Tajima, Yabu-jinja Shrine was established in…

  • Akenobe Mine

    Akenobe Mine

    Established as Japan Heritage, Akenobe Mine was once the number one tin mine of Japan. Inside of the tunnel is relatively cool reaching 12 to 13 degrees Celsius during the summer season. Visitors can explore a section of the tunnel as part of a guided tour between the months of April and November (reservations are…

  • Restaurant Yano

    Restaurant Yano

    Restaurant Yano is a Chinese-inspired Japanese diner offering a wide variety of menu items. Their lunch set ramen and udon menus are famous for their reasonable prices and large portions. The “Chinese Soba Noodle” is by far the most highly recommended by staff. Spots detail

  • Yabu City Tourism Information Center

    Yabu City Tourism Information Center

    The Yabu City Tourist Information Center is located right inside of Michi no Eki Yoka. The location is a perfect spot when looking for activities, events or things to do around Yabu, or the general Tajima area. The office has various different kinds of pamphlets as well as an interactive map where you can explore…

  • Uegaki Morikuni Sericulture Memorial Hall

    Uegaki Morikuni Sericulture Memorial Hall

    The Kaiko Memorial Hall, kaiko meaning silkworm is dedicated to Uegaki Morikuni who was a famous figure for his impact in the silkworm industry. The exhibition shows a silkworm house from the start of the Showa era which was restored, and shows the living situation of the farmers during that time. Kaiko no Sato and…

  • Outdoor Summer Tour🏞️

    Outdoor Summer Tour🏞️

    Yabu is a place to enjoy during all four seasons. The following plan includes hiking up Mt. Hyonosen and having a picnic while enjoying the view. Going to Ayu Park to capture some fish for a nice barbecue and lastly viewing the beautiful starry sky with a guided tour are great ways to spend a…

  • Hotaru no Sato

    Hotaru no Sato

    The Okumeiji district is a small village area where nature is prosperous. During the month of June, many Japanese fireflies can be found by the water at night. During the day time there are many butterflies and dragonflies that can be found. The location also has lodging spaces, and is perfect for exploring nature. Spots…

  • KATASHIMA Pâtisserie & Café

    KATASHIMA Pâtisserie & Café

    Opened in 1970, Katashima is a long-established western sweets shop in Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture. Currently, the company operates four locations across Hyogo and Kyoto Prefecture and one French restaurant. Their confections are made using carefully selected local Tajima ingredients and are truly scrumptious masterpieces that bring joy to customers of all generations. Spots detail

  • Wood Art Gallery

    Wood Art Gallery

    A space where visitors can feel the grandour of both the artistry and warmth of wood carvings. This space is the only location in Japan where visitors can come see the wood carving folk art displayed by artists in the Tajima and Oya areas. The artworks displayed are telling of history, and are permanently displayed.…

  • Tarumi no Ozakura

    Tarumi no Ozakura

    Tarumi-no-Ozakura is the largest Edo-higan cherry blossom tree in Hyogo Prefecture and is established as one of Japan’s natural monuments. Scaling a height of 13.8 meters with a trunk circumference of 6.3 meters, it has been said that the tree is over 1000 years old. A long time ago the princess of the Izushi Feudal…

  • Balloon Yoka Astronomical Observatory

    Balloon Yoka Astronomical Observatory

    Come join us for a guided viewing of the stars. Spots detail Address: 2142-3 Yoka-cho Yoka, Yabu City Te: (079) 663-2021 Website: Admission: 200 yen – within one hour per person2000 yen – for utilizing with a group under one hour400 yen – over one hour per person4000 yen – for utilizing with a…

  • Wakasu Highlands Oya Ski Resort

    Wakasu Highlands Oya Ski Resort

    Located 2 to 3 hours from Osaka, Kobe and Okayama. The Ski Slopes are conveniently located near the parking lot, and is a family friendly spot. Children who are middle school aged or younger can get a 1 day ski pass for only 1000 yen! Even if it’s the first time skiing or snowboarding you…

  • Maisou Matsuri

    Maisou Matsuri

    Maisou Matsuri is a fire festival held on January 14th every year, and is a traditional practice that is dedicated to the Mii Shrine. Japanese devils, or oni are hit on by locals to wish for a healthy year. The oni wear kokimen or masks, and hold wooden shields called kiboko. According to a legend…

  • Menya Tenkamuteki Ramen

    Menya Tenkamuteki Ramen

    If you are driving along Route 9, stop by Menya Tenkamuteki and try its “Takaida-style Chinese noodles.” The thick soy sauce broth and special extra-thick noodles will surely fill your stomach. You can also request for the soup to be thickened or the noodles made thinner, according to your wants, making it ideal for everyone.…

  • Wakasu Highlands Onsen Spa House

    Wakasu Highlands Onsen Spa House

    After a long day of skiing or outdoor activities, the best way to relax is going to an onsen. Connected to the Wakasu Highland ski resort, guests can easily come to refresh and rest here. Spots detail Address: 99-2 Oyacho Wakasu, Yabu City

  • JR Yoka Station

    JR Yoka Station

    JR Yoka Station is the main JR Station in Yabu that residents use for transportation to surrounding areas. Spots detail Adress: Yokacho Yoka, Yabu City

  • Kurokuzan Zanzaka Odori

    Kurokuzan Zanzaka Odori

    Out of the many “Zanzaka” dances in the Tajima Region, this one is known to have the longest history. The dancers wear momohiki (traditional Japanese bottoms) and tsutsusode (kimono dress sleeve) while dancing and shouting “zanzakazakazaka, zanzaka zatto.” The lyrics, movement and costume of the dance is from the later half of the Muromachi period.…

  • Ayu Park

    Ayu Park

    Ayu Park is known for having a man-made river where visitors can come to catch their own fish by hand or by fishing. A barbecue facility is also available, making it the perfect location to hangout with friends or family. Spots detail

  • Mt. Hyonosen

    Mt. Hyonosen

    Mt. Hyonosen is the tallest mountain in Hyogo Prefecture. With a height of 1510 meters, it is viewed to be a top-class treasure of the Kansai Area. Along with Mt. Hachibuse, it is declared as a Hyōnosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park. The area is surrounded by bountiful nature and is one of the few places where subarctic…

  • Murannaka


    “Murannaka” is a small farmhouse restaurant tucked in a corner of a field surrounded by rice paddies at the foot of a mountain. Opened in 2019 on exclusive farmland, it was the first restaurant in Yabu City to take advantage of the city’s special status as a National Strategic Special Zone. Yabu’s NSSZ status helps…

  • Saihoji Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

    Saihoji Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree

    A beautiful weeping cherry blossom tree located inside of Saihoji Temple. During Sakura season the tree is lit up during night time Spots detail

  • Fudōdaki Falls

    Fudōdaki Falls

    A stream of light can be spotted from the waterfall which has a 13-meter drop. The water source of the stream comes from the 1,140-meter-tall Mt. Fujinashi. For a waterfall at a high elevation it produces a lot of water and has width. The light that appears from the entrance of the waterfall as well…

  • Osa River Cherry Blossom Trees

    Osa River Cherry Blossom Trees

    An endless row of cherry blossom trees grows along the Osa River in the Kuroku area of Yoka. With around 200 trees growing in the area, it is the perfect spot to peacefully take a stroll and enjoy the spring weather in Yabu like a local! Spots detail Address: 1181-1 Yokacho Kuroku, Yabu City

  • Michi-no-Eki Yabu

    Michi-no-Eki Yabu

    After its re-opening in March of 2020, Michi-no Eki Yabu has a new dining area COINOBA Village which includes a trendy cafe, bakery, and an abura soba (soupless noodles) shop. A perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a meal on your next road trip to Yabu! Spots detail

  • Ohashi


    At walking distance from Yoka roadside station (Michi no Eki Yoka), this Japanese restaurant focuses on providing the ultimate culinary experience by only utilizing local ingredients from local suppliers of the Tajima region and the prefectural Sea of Japan. Handling each ingredient with the utmost respect, owner Chef Dōgaki delicately creates fine dishes that highlight…

  • Hyonosen Kokusai Ski Resort

    Hyonosen Kokusai Ski Resort

    Hyonosen is the tallest mountain within Hyogo Prefecture. The dyanamic mountain spreads from the center and is called the roof of Hyogo. From the center to the base of the mountain is a 2.1 km course. The snow quality and the location is ideal for skiing. The ski resort has three courses including the romance,…

  • Tanigaki


    Hidden in one of Yoka’s back streets with a welcoming chalkboard message “EAT LOCAL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR,” this newly renovated hip Japanese izakaya is all about organic seasonal food. Specialties here include dishes incorporating the legendary Yoka pork and Asakura sanshō pepper that exceptionally pair with their craft beer as well as with a wide…

  • Ishigado Log House Village

    Ishigado Log House Village

    Ishigado located in the Mori District is an area known as a cave ritual site where many earthenware and stoneware from the Jomon period was discovered. The campsite has an outdoor camping area that accommodates up to 8 tents and facilities including a bathroom and rice cooking area are available. The spot is perfect for…

  • Wakasukogen Oya Stargazing Hike

    Wakasukogen Oya Stargazing Hike

    Ranked as one of the top sites in Japan to go stargazing, this campsite holds stargazing sessions every Saturday between the end of April through November. Come view the dazzling stars in the sky you won’t want to miss it! Spots detail

  • Nettei Sumo

    Nettei Sumo

    Held at the Mizutani Shrine in Yabu “Nettei Sumo” was a court ritual that has been practiced since the Heian Period. The sacred practice is done on all fours which is said to ward off the evil spirits. Two men dressed in blue Kamishimo (a ceremonial dress) appear, and a series of ritual gestures is…

  • Yamada Futaro Memorial

    Yamada Futaro Memorial

    Yamada Fuutaro is a famous writer who has had many of his works made in to films and theater shows including “Mahou Tensei” and his “Ninpou Series”. His work Basilisk 〜The Kōga Ninja Scrolls was also made into an animated series. The memorial is built near Sekinomiya Elementary school, where Yamada attended school as a…

  • Restaurant Le Bouquet

    Restaurant Le Bouquet

    Le Bouquet is a retro and stylish restaurant offering a menu focused on Tajima beef dishes. Since its opening in 1973, Bouquet’s steaks, stews, hamburgers, and course dinners have been favourited by visitors who come to experience our world-renowned Wagyu beef. Bouquet’s famous fried jumbo tiger prawns and lunch set menus are also popular and…

  • Osugi Zanzako Odori

    Osugi Zanzako Odori

    Osugi Zanzako Odori is a traditional performance where the dancers carry a 2 meter fan on their backs and perform and dance in the center. The dancers chant and strum the drums while they powerfully move to the beat in a circle. A separate name is given to this dance called Oni Odori which means…

  • Kominka Style Cottage

    Kominka Style Cottage

    This cottage is a nostalgic kominka (old Japanese-style house) style lodge. When walking further into the mountains beyond the Ayu Park grounds, visitors will be brought to a nature escape full of serenity. While experiencing the old style and atmosphere of a kominka, you can also enjoy the luxuries of a ready to use kitchen…

  • Hyperbowl Tohachi Ski Resort

    Hyperbowl Tohachi Ski Resort

    Vast and exhilarating slopes! Hyperbowl Tohachi is one of the best ski resorts in the Kansai region located 120 minutes from the Hanshin area. Visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding as well as many newer snow vehicles including snow motorcycles, scooters, snow racers and ski bockerl. The wide and spacious slopes are especially a hit,…

  • Yagi Castle Ruins

    Yagi Castle Ruins

    Designated as national cultural property in 1997, the Yagi Castle Ruins represents the military commander Yagi of the Tajima Region. Behind the ruins is the 400-year history of the Yagi family from the Kamakura, Sengoku and Toyotomi periods. The ruins of the castle are composed by the roof ruins from the Kamakura period, earthen castle…

  • Yabu-jinja Shrine

    Yabu-jinja Shrine

    One of the 5 main shrines in Tajima, Yabu-jinja Shrine was established in 737. The shrine represents the God of Agriculture and has been appreciated by locals for a long time. It is called Yabu no Myojin San or the Myojin (a title for Shinto gods) of Yabu by many locals and is known for…

  • Hachikogen Ski Resort

    Hachikogen Ski Resort

    Hachikogen Ski Resort is one of the best in the Kansai region and is known for having a wide range of ski slopes for a variety of levels. The resort is located in the western highlands of Yabu on Mt. Hachibuse which reaches an elevation of 1221 meters. Visitors can overlook the entire ski resort…

  • Cafe&Sweets Buzz

    Cafe&Sweets Buzz

    Fancy a team in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by rice paddies and mountains? This café proudly produces delicious pastries and sweets that go well as dessert with their popular lunch set menus. Spots detail

  • Oya Art Village BIG LABO

    Oya Art Village BIG LABO

    An art community that brings together experimental art! BIG LABO in Oya is located inside of Old Oya High School which was abandoned, but then reformed in to an art space to bring locals and artwork together. The location was renewed in Spring of 2012 and brings together the art community by providing studio space…

  • Hasamaji no Satoyama no Mori Park Golfing Course

    Hasamaji no Satoyama no Mori Park Golfing Course

    Hasamaji Satoyama Forest Park has 3 golf courses and features beautiful Sakura trees that you can enjoy while playing golf with friends. Rental materials are also available, and perfect for easily enjoying a game or two. Outside of the course is a community center, and a multipurpose park (includes playground equipment as well as a…

  • Asakura Castle Ruins

    Asakura Castle Ruins

    The Asakura Castle Ruins is the birthplace of the Japanese feudal lord; Asakura who ruled the Ichizen Province (Fukui Prefecture) during the Sengoku Period. Lord Asakura was the prince under Emperor Kotoku, and he became the new King of Hyomai. During the start of the Heiian period, he changed his last name to the match…

  • Bekku no Ookatsura

    Bekku no Ookatsura

    The area where Bekku no Okatsura is located is said to have been visited by the Kobo Daishi/Kukai while they were travelling around the country. The Kyokaiji Temple was started here and the Katsura tree was planted. Legend has it that it was called the sacred tree of water. The tree has a height of…

  • Tendaki Falls

    Tendaki Falls

    Selected as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan for its beauty, Tendaki Falls is an impressive waterfall that boasts a 98 m drop – the largest in Hyogo Prefecture. The waterfall flows as if it is coming from the heavens, and holds to its name as one of the most famous waterfalls in…

  • Restaurant La Rivière

    Restaurant La Rivière

    La Rivière is a French-inspired restaurant committed to using only local products. As its name suggests, the restaurant is situated along the Maruyama River where a row of Sakura trees delights patrons every spring during the blossom season.The restaurant updates its menu every month according to the season, focusing on delicious local ingredients, so you…

  • Nagusa-jinja Shrine

    Nagusa-jinja Shrine

    As one climbs the uphill slope, they will be impressed by the appearance of the Nagusa-jinja Shrine. At the eighth stop of the Myoken Mountain, the three-storied pagoda can be found. The pagoda was gifted by Izumo Taisha during the great renovation after Yabu-shi gifted them a Myokensugi Tree in 1665. The pagoda reaches a…

  • Michi-no-Eki Tajima Rakuza

    Michi-no-Eki Tajima Rakuza

    Michi no Eki Tajima Rakuza is a resting area that will brighten up the mood of your trip. From enjoying the world famous Tajima Beef, beautiful scenic nature of the area, a natural onsen, relaxing hotel, delicious seafood, gift shop and a convenience store! There are many things you can look forward to here. A…

  • Uchiyama Strawberry Land

    Uchiyama Strawberry Land

    The largest strawberry tourist farm in the Tajima area! It is located 10 minutes from the Bantan Accessway/Asago Interchange exits. The strawberries are grown at an elevated level preventing any dirt from getting on the fruit, and for the convenience of visitors so they do not have to reach further up or down to grab…

  • Michi-no-Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura

    Michi-no-Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura

    Tajima no Kura has a clear open space, and was made to look like a Kura (a Japanese warehouse, with thick walls, used to store valuables during natural disasters). A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered by local farmers on the daily. There is also a restaurant area with the fragrant smell…

  • Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

    Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

    A sericulture farmhouse from over 150 years ago was revived in to an art gallery. Uchigee art that was founded in Oya as well as wood carving folk art is displayed in the gallery. It is a space where artists living in the nature and countryside can come together to bring their artwork to public…

  • Ohashiri Matsuri

    Ohashiri Matsuri

    The festival has been around for over 1800 years, and is a traditional practice that has been established as intangible cultural property. The morning of the festival the participants shout “Hattou, Yogozaruka” and start carrying the Mikoshi (sacred palanquin) from the Yabu Shrine all the way to the Itsuki Shrine. The route is 40 km…

  • Yabu Onsen Tajima Rakuza

    Yabu Onsen Tajima Rakuza

    Yabu Onsen is a natural hot spring that has radon and a weak alkali content. This spring is good for treating a variety of things including nerve and muscle pain and chronic digestive disease. The spring has an excellent capability of retaining heat and continues to remain hot for long hours. The silky smooth spring…

  • Sericulture Farmhouse Area

    Sericulture Farmhouse Area

    Within the Osugi district in Oya, many 3-storied silkworm houses can be found. This rural landscape is representative of the historic culture of silk farming. Found along the Tani River, storehouses and barns revolving around the silkworm houses and other traditional buildings can be found. The Osugi district is in the northern area of Hyogo…

  • Maruyama River Sakura Road

    Maruyama River Sakura Road

    The row of cherry blossom trees lined along the Maruyama River is the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in Yabu while going for a drive. We recommend you stop by Michi-no-Eki Yabu for a quick lunch to enjoy their soup less noodles or purchase some yummy homemade bread on the way home!…

  • Hachibuse Nabe

    Hachibuse Nabe

    Hachibuse nabe is a delicious hot pot dish that can be enjoyed in the Hachibuse Highland area in Sekinomiya. The dish contains duck and fresh vegetables making it the perfect dish to enjoy after a day out on the slopes. Spots detail

  • Wakasu Zanzaka Odori

    Wakasu Zanzaka Odori

    Dressed in colorful costumes and hats decorated with flowers the Wakasu Zanzaka dancers move to the rhythm of the drums and present an old fashioned, but graceful dance. The dancers move while playing the drums and present a unique style of dance called Suwari Odori (dancing while sitting). Another name for this dance is “Hime…

  • Miidani Ancient Tombs

    Miidani Ancient Tombs

    In the 58th year of the Showa period, while investigating the burial grounds during park maintenance an Iron Sword of Bonshin no Toshigokatsu (oldest inscription in Hyogo Prefecture) was discovered. After the park maintenance was completed, the area was named “Tsurugi Gaoka Koen” after the inscribed iron sword. The area was built between the year…

  • Bekku no Tanada

    Bekku no Tanada

    Bekku no Tanada is a rice terrace spreading from the center of Mt. Hachibuse, and placed 700 meters above sea level. It faces Mt. Hyonosen (also known as the roof of Hyogo Prefecture) and is a fantastic sight representative of Japan. Around 130 squares of rice paddy fields are beautifully displayed in the area during…

  • Wakasu Highlands Oya Campsite

    Wakasu Highlands Oya Campsite

    At Wakasu Highlands Oya Campsite located in Yabu visitors can enjoy the scenic mountain views and serene nature in northern Kansai. The camping season starts in April and goes till November with options including glamping, log houses, and camping tents available for rental. The campsite also boasts having guided stargazing hikes, where visitors will ride…

  • Seikeishoin


    Seikeishoin is the Kangakujuku (Chinese Studies School) opened by the great figure of Tajima, Ikeda Soan, between the Bakumatsu and Meiji period. Soan had an innovative teaching method where he combined Neo-Confucianism and Yomei-Gaku. The teaching focused on self-discipline, training and educating the younger generation. By the time of his death in the 11th year…

  • Gohanya


    A traditional Japanese restaurant in a wooden and glass structure with a gallery on its first floor, Gohanya offers local Tajima cuisine while enjoying a panoramic view of the green mountains of Yoka. Their famous “Torobako-bentō” lunch box is designed in the image of a “Torobako” (traditional shipping box used to hold seafood from the…

  • 🌸 Springtime Sakura Tour 🌸

    🌸 Springtime Sakura Tour 🌸

    The perfect tour to enjoy the springtime weather and the beautiful cherry blossom trees in Yabu. 🌸The tour starts with lunch at Michi-no Eki Yabu where you can enjoy the 油そば (soupless noodles) or a lovely cafe style lunch set. 🌸 A lovely drive along the Maruyama River to enjoy the road of Sakura 🌸…

  • Rest House Tendaki

    Rest House Tendaki

    A restaurant surrounded by greenery at the trailhead of “Tendaki” – one of the 100 top waterfalls in Japan – this restaurant provides tasty menu options using local ingredients. Dining here you can indulge in nature, clean air, and some delicious food, and enjoy the “taste” and “moment” you can only experience near the Falls.There…

  • Togayama Onsen Tennyo no Yu

    Togayama Onsen Tennyo no Yu

    Togayama Onsen is a hot spring with bicarbonate ion, salt, magnesium and other minerals making it a unique bath. The sodium bicarbonate is known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties for the skin. As a result many hot springs that contain this are known as “Bijin no Yu”, meaning hot spring of beauty or hot…

  • Registration Opens for Minami Tajima Green Ride 2024🚴🚴🏿🚴🏽

    Registration Opens for Minami Tajima Green Ride 2024🚴🚴🏿🚴🏽

    We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the Minami Tajima Green Ride 2024. Programmed for Sunday, May 19th, this year’s edition will once again take cyclists through the lush greenery of Minami-Tajima while touring along the “Ore Road Circuit Route,” with stops at historic sites of modern industrial importance designated as Japanese…

  • Reopening of ALL 4 Ski Resorts

    Reopening of ALL 4 Ski Resorts

    After an unusually warm season, we are happy about the recent snowfall of nearly 100cm across the city! It is with excitement that we announce the reopening of all 4 ski resorts in Yabu this week. The ski resorts are open from the following dates:– Hachikogen Ski Resort: 1/25 (Thu)– Hyperball Tohachi Ski Resort :…

  • CLOSED: Call for Participants for a Winter Monitor Tour

    CLOSED: Call for Participants for a Winter Monitor Tour

    The tourism office of Yabu is pleased to announce the opening of registration for a 3-days-2-nights monitor tour on the long weekend of February 23-25, 2024. The tour will consist of visiting a local sake brewery with a history of 150 years to learn and taste Yabu-made sake as well as skiing/snowboarding in the southern…

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Hachibuse Snow Festival ⛄Saturday 2 March, 2024

    EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Hachibuse Snow Festival ⛄Saturday 2 March, 2024

    This year’s Hachibuse Snow Festival will be held on Saturday, March 2nd in Hachikogen Ski Resort. As in previous years, the festival will have fun activities such as “Snowmobile rides,” the very popular “Mochimaki” (Mochi-throwing party with prizes), and the “Design & Music Fireworks”. Date: Saturday, 2 March, 2024Location: Hachikōgen Kōryu Centre (Hachikogen Interaction Centre),…

  • Opening of Ski Resorts!

    Opening of Ski Resorts!

    As of today, Monday, January 15, 3 out of 4 ski resorts in Yabu have opened. Following steady snowfall in the western and southern highlands of Yabu, Hachikogen Ski Resort, Hyperball Tōhachi Ski Resort, and Wakasukogen Ōya Ski Resort are pleased to announce that recent weather has permitted the opening of some of their course…

  • 2023 Yabu City Photo Contest 2023 📸 – Now accepting autumn/winter entries! #YabuGenic

    2023 Yabu City Photo Contest 2023 📸 – Now accepting autumn/winter entries! #YabuGenic

    Calling for “#YabuGenic” shots for the autumn/winter season!Please submit your “#YabuGenic” photos of Yabu. We welcome photos taken by regular cameras, smartphones, or tablet devices, so don’t be afraid to send in your best shots!The winning works will be used for tourism posters, pamphlets, flyers, social media content, and websites to promote the city of…

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 20th Sekinomiya Children’s Kabuki Theatre

    EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 20th Sekinomiya Children’s Kabuki Theatre

    On Saturday, December 9th, the 20th Sekinomiya Children’s Kabuki Theatre is taking place at YB Fab.The children’s Kabuki was launched in 2003 to revive this traditional Japanese theatre in Sekinomiya, whose history goes back to the creation of a Kabuki stage on the hilly neighbourhood of Kazurahata in 1544 during the Edo period.The performance will…

  • 【Notice】Closure of Tendaki Falls trail due to construction work (updated December 1, 2023)

    【Notice】Closure of Tendaki Falls trail due to construction work (updated December 1, 2023)

    The Tendaki Fall trail is currently under reinforcement work as a result of unstable ground and fallen trees. The trail will remain closed from Monday, November 27 to Friday, December 1. ※The period of closure may depend on weather conditions. Please continue to visit our website for updates.

  • Discover the Charm of Yabu During the Hyogo Destination Campaign!

    Discover the Charm of Yabu During the Hyogo Destination Campaign!

    Thinking of taking a relaxing train ride or bus trip this summer to explore northern Hyogo? Starting this August, passengers on the JR Express Kōnotori 3 for Kinosaki Onsen and on the Zentan Express Bus Kinosaki Onsen – Osaka Route, respectively, will be offered a free 2-hour fixed-rate tourism taxi trip (valued at ¥5000) AND…

  • Get on the TAJIMAWARU enjoy a day trip of Tajima for ¥500!!

    Get on the TAJIMAWARU enjoy a day trip of Tajima for ¥500!!

    Tajimawaru has returned with a new promotional campaign! Tajimawaru is a budget-friendly and convenient bus service offering different popular routes to limited-time routes from different departing points within the Tajima region (Yoka Michi no Eki, Wadayama Station, Toyooka Station, and Kinosaki Onsen Station).For the price of ¥500 per adult and ¥250 for elementary school students…

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: All-You-Can-Pick-Strawberry RED FES 2023🍓

    EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: All-You-Can-Pick-Strawberry RED FES 2023🍓

    2023.05.27The Uchiyama Ichigonokuni (Uchiyama Strawberry Country) – the largest strawberry farm of its kind in the Tajima region – is opening its doors for FOUR All-You-Can-Pick-Strawberries events this June! 🍓Unlike the limited strawberry-picking experiences, these events offer visitors the unique opportunity to pick as many strawberries as possible at the end of the season.The strawberries…

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 2023 Tajima Picnic Festa 5/20-21

    EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 2023 Tajima Picnic Festa 5/20-21

    Tajima Picnic Festa 2023, the largest craft fair in northern Kansai will return to the Yabu City All Weather Gymnastics Field Dome (養父市立全天候運動いきいきドーム) on the weekend of May 20th – 21st 2023.This is a family-friendly event where parents and children can enjoy the day surrounded by natural beauty overlooking the district of Yoka!🌲This craft market…

  • Mizubasho Park Reopens to the Public!

    Mizubasho Park Reopens to the Public!

    Mizubasho Park in Kaho, Oya-cho district in Yabu has reopened to welcome back tourists as the warm weather brings upon us another gorgeous bloom season this year✨Mizubasho (Lysichiton camtschatcensis), or commonly known as Japanese Swamp Lanterns are blooming and it is time for an early spring pilgrimage🌼The beautiful white flower of this plant, considered sacred…



    The MINAMI-TAJIMA GREENRIDE 2023 is back in full force for the second year on Sunday, May 28th, convening cycling enthusiasts from all over the Kansai region and beyond to enjoy the fresh greenery of Minami-Tajima while riding along some of the most emblematic natural and mining sites the region has to offer.Two cycling courses are…

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Return of the “Ohashiri Festival”

    EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Return of the “Ohashiri Festival”

    On Saturday, April 15th, the city of Yabu welcomes back the much-anticipated return of the traditional “Ohashiri Festival.”🎉For the first time in four years, the festival will bring back the procession of the 150kg Mikoshi (Shintō’s sacred palanquin) throughout the city to celebrate the arrival of spring!Although its scale has been reduced for this year’s…

  • Golden Week Hours for Tourist Sites/Restaurants (Between April 29 – May 11)

    Golden Week Hours for Tourist Sites/Restaurants (Between April 29 – May 11)

    During Golden Week (April 29 – May 11) the following tourist sites and restaurants in Yabu will be closed or have shortened hours———————————————————————-***Tourist Sites*** Ayu Park ・Oya Nouson Park”Open between 5/1~5 5/11・Alcohol will not be served until after 5/11・Number of people limited per seat for barbecue sight will be 4 people. Akenobe Tin Mine Exploration Tunnel”Closed…

  • Temporary Closure of Tendaki Falls

    Temporary Closure of Tendaki Falls

    *3/22 UPDATE – the restoration work has been completed – and the trail is now open for climbing again Due to the snowfall, a part of the climbing trail of Tendaki Falls has collapsed. Because of this all entrance into Tendaki Falls will be prohibited for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience, and…

  • Scenic Flower Spots in Yabu Spring 2021

    Scenic Flower Spots in Yabu Spring 2021

    The spring season is approaching us earlier this year with most sakura trees expected to reach their full bloom during the end of March. There are many scenic flower spots throughout Yabu that are not only just beautiful but are also sites with historical and cultural significance. Read along to learn about the scenic flower…

  • Yabu City Hosts First Promotional Tour with English Speaking Participants

    Yabu City Hosts First Promotional Tour with English Speaking Participants

    During the weekend of October 3-4, Yabu City hosted its first-ever promotional tour with native English speaking participants residing in Hyogo Prefecture. The tour hosted this time was designed to accommodate women in their early 20-30’s and was held to receive feedback from foreigners residing in Japan as part of the ongoing initiative to promote…

  • ~Humans of Yabu ~ Nishigaki Kenji 西垣憲志

    Nishigaki Kenji is the head of the Inaka Gurashi Club, a general incorporated association with a mission to support and encourage rural living in Yabu City. Formerly an art teacher Mr. Nishigaki decided to switch careers in his mid 40’s to start up a design company, but not finding success, he eventually began this group…

  • Kyushoku – Pridefully Rooted in Yabu City

    Kyushoku – Pridefully Rooted in Yabu City

    In Japan kyushoku, or school lunches are part of the norm for the majority of elementary school students. The Kyushoku produced in Yabu City is truly impressive and strives to use at least 30% locally made produce with a team of nutritionists who create a monthly menu of well-balanced meals focused on including components of…

  • Asakura Sansho a Magical Spice Grown in Yabu

    Asakura Sansho a Magical Spice Grown in Yabu

    Asakura Sansho is a Japanese pepper grown locally in Yabu City of Hyogo Prefecture. The pepper has a numbing sensation like the Chinese Sichuan pepper, but has fresh citrusy undertones giving it a refreshing taste. The pepper contains more limonene, an active citrus ingredient, than any other sansho pepper and is also known for its…

  • COVID-19 Closure/Event Update 3

    COVID-19 Closure/Event Update 3

    The state of emergency was officially lifted nationally on May 25. The time frame in which safety standards were observed as a city were fulfilled on the 26th and on the 27th the Yabu City emergency declaration was lifted. As of now it is still recommended that travelers stay within their prefecture, wear a mask…

  • Yabu City Launches Official English Tourism Website

    Yabu City Launches Official English Tourism Website

    Yabu City has officially launched its first ever English website! Yabu is a beautiful nature town located in northern Hyogo Prefecture, 2 hours away from Kyoto and Osaka. We hope to update international travelers with information regarding our area and continue to introduce the beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine that we have to offer. Yabu…