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  • Reopening of ALL 4 Ski Resorts

    Reopening of ALL 4 Ski Resorts

    After an unusually warm season, we are happy about the recent snowfall of nearly 100cm across the city! It is with excitement that we announce the reopening of all 4 ski resorts in Yabu this week. The ski resorts are open from the following dates:– Hachikogen Ski Resort: 1/25 (Thu)– Hyperball Tohachi Ski Resort :…

  • Opening of Ski Resorts!

    Opening of Ski Resorts!

    As of today, Monday, January 15, 3 out of 4 ski resorts in Yabu have opened. Following steady snowfall in the western and southern highlands of Yabu, Hachikogen Ski Resort, Hyperball Tōhachi Ski Resort, and Wakasukogen Ōya Ski Resort are pleased to announce that recent weather has permitted the opening of some of their course…