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Ayu Park

Ayu Park is known for having a man-made river where visitors can come to catch their own fish by hand or by fishing. A barbecue facility is also available, making it the perfect location to hangout with friends or family.

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582 Oyacho Kaho, Yabu City

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(Japanese only)

(Japanese only)


Catch your own fish by hand! (Ayu and Amago) **depending on the season fish will change
[Price List]
Yamame Trout 430 yen (Start of April till start of July)
Iwana (Charr) 430 yen (Start of April till start of July)
Ayu 550 yen (Mid-July till start of October)
Nijimasu (Rainbow Trout) 430 yen (Start of October till end of October)

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Wednesdays (On holidays the following day)

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