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Ishigado Ancient Village

Ishigadou in the Mori district was a cave ritual site, and location where many earthenware and stoneware from the Jomon period was discovered. The camping site includes 8 locations for tent setup, rice cooking facility as well as a bathroom. Visitors can also enjoy the water with the nearby river as well as various ancient activities including making Magatama beads, clay flutes and bamboo flying sticks (Reservations are required). The pleasant aroma of the wooden log houses can be enjoyed by family and friends alike. There are also various items for rental available for use, so please feel free to contact us. (Total of 7 buildings each include bathroom, bathtub, refrigerator, cooking utensils and some dishware).

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16-17 Yabu-cho Moriishigado, Yabu City

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December 2 till April 27 of the following year

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