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Michi-no-Eki Tajima Rakuza

Michi no Eki Tajima Rakuza is a resting area that will brighten up the mood of your trip. From enjoying the world famous Tajima Beef, beautiful scenic nature of the area, a natural onsen, relaxing hotel, delicious seafood, gift shop and a convenience store! There are many things you can look forward to here. A perfect roadside station to refresh during your road trip!

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299 Ueno, Yabu City

Telephone Number



Onsen: Adults 500 yen
Children 300 yen(3 years old - 6th grade)

Opening Hours

Onsen 8AM-10PM (Service Desk ends at 9:30 PM), Wagyu Restaurant Yabu Farm 11AM-2:30PM (Last Order), 5 PM-8:30 PM (Last Order)



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