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Tendaki Falls

Climbing 1.2 km from Tendaki parking lot entrance, visitors will instantly catch sight of a white water pillar. The waterfall flows as if it is coming from the "Ten" or heavens. It has a drop that is 98 meters long, and holds true to its name as one of the most famous waterfalls in Hyogo Prefecture.
Because of the impressive and strong appearance of the waterfall it was selected as one of the hundred famous waterfalls in Japan. Also, along the valleys of Tendaki are other waterfalls including Meotodaki, Tsudzumigadaki and Itodaki. Visitors can enjoy the many views surrounding the waterfall during all four seasons such as the greenery in the spring, the autumnal leaves in the fall as well as the frozen waterfall in the winter.

The hiking area was also selected as one of the top 100 forest bathing spots in Japan, and top 50 forest bathing locations in Hyogo.

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Oyacho Ikada, Yabu City

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