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Wakasu Highlands Oya Ski Resort

Located 2 to 3 hours from Osaka, Kobe and Okayama. The Ski Slopes are conveniently located near the parking lot, and is a family friendly spot. Children who are middle school aged or younger can get a 1 day ski pass for only 1000 yen! Even if it’s the first time skiing or snowboarding you can safely enjoy a fun lesson and descend down on a fun skiing conveyor belt. There are also ski slopes for sledding, and is perfect for enjoying sledding. For kids who are more advanced skiers they can challenge themselves at the “Snow Land” course. After skiing and snowboarding the Wakasu Highland Onsen inside the resort is the perfect location to refresh a tired body. Visitors may also refresh and relax after a long day at the Wakasu Kogen Onsen.
During the following days ski passes are 1000 yen: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on Ladies Day.
January 12 Oya Ski Resort Day.
Between February 5 and 9 (Chokotto Oya).

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99-2 Oyacho Wakasu, Yabu City

Opening Hours

8:15 AM - 5 PM (End of December till End of March)


During Ski Season no days off

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