Wood Art Gallery

A space where visitors can feel the grandour of both the artistry and warmth of wood carvings. This space is the only location in Japan where visitors can come see the wood carving folk art displayed by artists in the Tajima and Oya areas. The artworks displayed are telling of history, and are permanently displayed. Please come observe the various artworks all while listening to the sound of the Seiryu Oya River moving. The building was renovated, and is a little over 120 years, but use to be a kominka that was used as a clinic. The dirt floors of the newly renovated building are made out of tataki material. The dirt walls of the sandwarehouse are made out of material that include sand. The house also shows exposed jet black beams throughout that give the insides an old rustic feel. The space is approximately 460 tsubo in size, and brings back the vibes of the past. The old Japanese garden as well as pond still remains intact, and brings bag the nostagic and beautiful rustic vibes of the past.

Spots detail

  • Address: 826 Oyacho Osugi, Yabu City
  • Tel: 079-663-8070
  • Admission: Adults (Middle school or older 200 yen/150 yen per person for groups
    Elementary School 100 yen/ 80 yen per person for groups
    Groups must be 20 or more people
  • Hours: 9:00-17:00
  • Holidays: Mondays, Tuesdays


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