COVID-19 Closure/Event Update 3

The state of emergency was officially lifted nationally on May 25. The time frame in which safety standards were observed as a city were fulfilled on the 26th and on the 27th the Yabu City emergency declaration was lifted. As of now it is still recommended that travelers stay within their prefecture, wear a mask and maintain the 3Cs due to the second and third waves of the virus that are expected to come as well as the lack of vaccines or medicine that have yet to be developed.

**The following facilities still remain closed**

Ishigado Ancient Village Campsite – closed till July 4

Togayama Onsen Tennyo no Yu – Undetermined

Goukaku no Yu (Mando no Yu) – closed till June 19

**The following locations operate with shortened hours**

Michi no Eki Yabu Onsen Tajima Rakuza 12:00 ~ 22:00
Michi no Eki Yabu (COINOBA VILLAGE)

Abura Soba
10:00 ~ 16:00

**The following events have been postponed**

14th Annual Viva Hall Cello Competition (July 8-10, 12)
– Postponed to the following year

27th Annual Wood Carve Folk Art Oya Exhibition (September 18- October 4)
– Postponed to the following year

**The following events have been cancelled**

14th Annual Viva Hall Cello Concert Play Event (June 14)
Yoka Natsu Matsuri (July 18)
Yabu Furusato Matsuri (August 16)
Yabu Love Marathon (October 4)

Please stay wary of the risks that come with travelling. For more updates we will keep you posted here and make sure to follow our Instagram @visit.yabu for the latest photos and updates!


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