Scenic Flower Spots in Yabu Spring 2021

The spring season is approaching us earlier this year with most sakura trees expected to reach their full bloom during the end of March. There are many scenic flower spots throughout Yabu that are not only just beautiful but are also sites with historical and cultural significance. Read along to learn about the scenic flower spots you can come enjoy in Yabu this spring!

Tarumi no Ozakura – 樽見の大桜

Preserved as a natural monument of Japan, Tarumi no Ozakura is the largest edo-higan cherry blossom tree in Hyogo Prefecture and is nearly 14 meters tall. The tree is estimated to be over 1000 years old and the princess of the Izushi Feudal Clan is said to have visited this tree to enjoy hanami many years ago.

Forecast: Expected to bloom near the end of March ~ start of April

**This year due to COVID-19 precautions the bathrooms by the climbing entrance will be closed. If needed please use the bathrooms by the closest Michi-no Eki.

Sakura Road along the Maruyama River – 円山川沿いの桜道

The row of sakura trees lined along the Maruyama River is the perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful sakura in Yabu while going for a drive. We recommend you stop by Michi-no-Eki Yabu for a quick lunch to enjoy their soupless noodles or purchase some yummy homemade bread on the way home!

Forecast: Expected to bloom near the end of March

Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree by Saihoji Temple – 西方寺のしだれ桜
A magnificent weeping cherry blossom tree can be found right by the entrance of Saihoji temple. Visitors can enjoy a nighttime viewing of the tree when it is lit up.

Forecast: Expected to bloom near the end of March

Sakura Trees by Osa River in Kuroku, Yoka-cho – 八鹿町九鹿 小佐川沿いの桜
An endless row of sakura trees grows along the Osa River in the Kuroku. With around 200 trees growing in the area, it is the perfect spot to peacefully take a stroll and enjoy the sakura in Yabu like a local! (around a 10-minute drive from Yoka station)

Forecast: Expected to bloom near the end of March

Kesaka Sakura Park – ケサカ桜公園
A beautiful sakura park located in the mountains of the Hata area in Yabu. The park is filled with Yoshino cherry blossom trees and at one glance it looks as is if there are 3000 sakura trees throughout the area. Because the park is located at a higher elevation the peak viewing of the trees here is said to be a little later than other locations.

Forecast: Expected to bloom at the start of April

Mizubasho Flowers in Kabozaka – 加保坂のミズバショウ
Mizubasho – also known as white skunk cabbage is the flower that represents the town of Yabu. The skunk cabbages can be viewed at Mizubasho Park in the Kabozaka area of Oya-cho. These skunk cabbages are very rare and were established as a natural monument of Hyogo Prefecture in 1976. It is recommended to visit when these elegant white flowers bloom between mid-April and the start of May.

Forecast: Expected to bloom between mid-April ~ beginning of May

Magnolias at Koshouji Temple 高照寺のモクレン
Koshouji Temple in Takayanagi of Yoka-cho is selected as the fifth temple in the Kansai region known for its flowers year-round. Between the start of April to end of May, 6 different Magnolia flowers in the order of white, pink, red, Nishiki, purple, and yellow bloom throughout the temple

Forecast: Expected to bloom at the start of April ~ start of May

**Forecasts may differ depending on changes in weather – please keep updated on our social media pages for the most accurate/latest information!


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