Golden Week Hours for Tourist Sites/Restaurants (Between April 29 – May 11)

During Golden Week (April 29 – May 11) the following tourist sites and restaurants in Yabu will be closed or have shortened hours
***Tourist Sites***

Ayu Park ・Oya Nouson Park”
Open between 5/1~5 
・Alcohol will not be served until after 5/11
・Number of people limited per seat for barbecue sight will be 4 people.

Akenobe Tin Mine Exploration Tunnel”
Closed till May 11
Sunday Tunnel Tours are canceled
Reservations for Akenobe Nature School and Tunnel Tours will be put on hold

Uegaki Morikuni Sericulture Memorial
Closed till May 11

Oya Art Village BIGLABO
Closed till May 11
Art display in the gymnasium will remain open

Wakasu Highland Oya Campsite
Open during Regular Hours

Wood Art Gallery
4/29~5/5 Open
5/6・7 Closed

Bunsan Gallery Sericulture Farmhouse

Hasamaji Satoyama Forest Park
Closed till May 11

Ishigado Kodai Mura Campsite
Closed till the start of May

Hotaru no Kan
No closed dates
Reservations Required

Uchiyama Ichigo no Kuni
Closed till May 11

Yamada Futaro Memorial
Closed till May 11

Oshouya Memorial Hall
Closed till May 11

Fukusada-Shinsui Park
Open during regular hours

Sakamizu Sougou Park
Open during regular hours

Otani Nouson Park
Open during regular Hours

Mizubasho Park


Michi-no-Eki Yabu Onsen

Wakasu Highland Oya Ski Resort/Campsite Onsen
Open during camping season

Togayama Onsen [Tennyo no Yu]
Closed till May 11

Sekinomiya Onsen Goukaku no Yu [Mando no Yu]
Closed till May 11


Michi-no-Eki Yabu Onsen [Tajima Rakuza]
Regular Hours

Michi-no-Eki Yoka Tajima no Kura
Closed till May 11

Michi-no-Eki Yabu [COINOBA Village]
Regular Hours

Michi-no-eki Tajima Rakuza Restaurant [Yabu Bokujo]
Regular Hours

Resthouse Tendaki
Mizubasho Bento 
Every Wed・Thurs・Fri
(11:30~13:00 / 15:00~18:00)
(Closed for 4/29~30・5/5~5/7)

Kounaka Soba
Open between 4/29~5/5

Shortened hours till May 11 (11 AM~8 PM)
No alcohol service

Irregular hours Please call ahead beforehand

4/29~5/5 Open
5/6・10・11 Closed

Regular Lunch Hours
Reservations only for dinner

Regular Hours

Closed 5/11-5/13

Restaurant La Riviere
8 PM Closing
No alcohol service until further notice”

Restaurant Bouquet
5/4 (Tuesday) Open
5/6 (Thursday)・11(Tuesday)Closed
Lunch 11 AM~2 PM (LO)
Dinner 5 PM~7:20 PM(LO)

Verde Piatto
4/27~5/5 Open

Ayu Park Restaurant Plecoglossus
Closed till May 11

Kaiko no Sato
Closed till May 11

~5/11 Closed
Takeout will be available


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