CLOSED: Call for Participants for a Winter Monitor Tour

The tourism office of Yabu is pleased to announce the opening of registration for a 3-days-2-nights monitor tour on the long weekend of February 23-25, 2024.

The tour will consist of visiting a local sake brewery with a history of 150 years to learn and taste Yabu-made sake as well as skiing/snowboarding in the southern highlands of Wakasukogen in the Oya district of Yabu. Participants will get to stay in two different accommodations where they’ll experience both the modern comforts of a Marriott and the unique and 150 years-old traditional former silkworm farming house turned-lodge in the mountainous settlement of Wakasu.

The tour is free with the condition that participants will provide their honest feedback as well as complete a survey after the tour.

Please note that transportation to Yabu (JR Yoka Station) is the responsibility of the participant.

【Number of Participants】4
【Registration Form】
【Deadline】Registration will run until February 5, 2024.
【Language】While it is preferred for participants to have a basic understanding of the Japanese language, there will be a translator accompanying the tour.


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