EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 20th Sekinomiya Children’s Kabuki Theatre

On Saturday, December 9th, the 20th Sekinomiya Children’s Kabuki Theatre is taking place at YB Fab.
The children’s Kabuki was launched in 2003 to revive this traditional Japanese theatre in Sekinomiya, whose history goes back to the creation of a Kabuki stage on the hilly neighbourhood of Kazurahata in 1544 during the Edo period.
The performance will fuse together the stories of “Makai Tensei,” a masterpiece by renowned novelist Fujirō Yamada – a Sekinomiya literary hero widely acclaimed in Japan – and “Kyokako Musume Dojōji,” a major Kabuki dance piece.

Access the following link and get your tickets today. Seats are going fast!
Tickets URL: https://p-ticket.jp/yabu/booking-seat?event=20231209&no=1&sale=1


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