Akenobe Mine

Established as Japan Heritage, Akenobe Mine was once the number one tin mine of Japan. Inside of the tunnel is relatively cool reaching 12 to 13 degrees Celsius during the summer season. Visitors can explore a section of the tunnel as part of a guided tour between the months of April and November (reservations are required except on Sundays) and also ride the 1 Yen Train, which was used in the past to transport workers and passengers for a cost of 1 yen!

Spots detail

  • Address: Oyacho Akenobe, Yabu City
  • Tel: 079-668-0258
  • Website: http://www.akenobe-kozan.com/
  • Admission: High School/Older:1200 yen
    Middle School/Younger: 600 yen
    Includes fee for the guide
    1 Yen Train
    High School/Older: 300 yen
    Middle School/Younger: 1 yen
  • Hours: 8:30-17:15 on Weekdays
  • Remarks: 1 Yen Train operates once a month except during May, July and August when the train will operate multiple times in the month. Please check official website for specific dates (in Japanese only)


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