Asakura Castle Ruins

The Asakura Castle Ruins is the birthplace of the Japanese feudal lord; Asakura who ruled the Ichizen Province (Fukui Prefecture) during the Sengoku Period. Lord Asakura was the prince under Emperor Kotoku, and he became the new King of Hyomai. During the start of the Heiian period, he changed his last name to the match the place “Asakura” and he became the first generation Asakura Takakiyo. From under his rule, many military commanders were produced including Yagi, Shukunami, and Tasuku. Asakura Castle is located in the southwest region of the village on top of the hill. The castle spans a distance of 130 meters from east to west and 110 meters from north to south. The castle was built during the Muromachi period but has since been renovated during the Sengoku period with Horikiri and Tatehori, in order to preserve its condition. The Hokyointo is a stone structure commemorating those who have passed and have okyou or prayers preserved within it. The height of the structure is 230 cm and has the words “Kongokaishibutsu” written on the getsurinnai area of the tower. It has been estimated that it was built in the 15th Century during the Muromachi period.

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Address: Yokacho Asakura, Yabu


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