Hachikogen Ski Resort

Hachikogen Ski Resort is one of the best in the Kansai region and is known for having a wide range of ski slopes for a variety of levels. The resort is located in the western highlands of Yabu on Mt. Hachibuse which reaches an elevation of 1221 meters. Visitors can overlook the entire ski resort from the giant slopes. The mountain tops conveniently connects to the Hachikita Ski Resort in the next town over. In addition the snow park along the central ski lifts “THE PARKS” is the largest of the Kansai Region . Anyone from beginner to top level skiers can challenge themselves. Ski slopes fit for beginners as well as a children’s park are available. A conveyor belt is also available making the park safe and fit for children and beginners. There is also a wide range of rental gear, making it perfect for anyone without any ski equipment.

Spots detail

Address: Hachikogen, Yabu City


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