Kominka Style Cottage

This cottage is a nostalgic kominka (old Japanese-style house) style lodge. When walking further into the mountains beyond the Ayu Park grounds, visitors will be brought to a nature escape full of serenity. While experiencing the old style and atmosphere of a kominka, you can also enjoy the luxuries of a ready to use kitchen and western style bathroom. The lodge includes a traditional Japanese-style wooden floor room and a tatami room with futons prepared for sleeping. Between the summer and early fall seasons, you can capture Ayu (sweetfish) by hand and enjoy them grilled and seasoned with salt by the lower park area. There is also space to easily have a barbecue right outside of the lodge with the freshly caught fish. (*Barbecue equipment is not provided).

Reservations can also be made from the following link (Japanese only):


Spots detail

  • 582 Ōyachō Kabo Yabu City
  • Website: https://ayupark.com/c-room/
  • Admission: The cost varies depending on holiday, weekday, or weekend.
  • Holidays: Closed on Wednesdays. *Open between April 1st through November 30th
  • Parking: Designated parking space per lodge is available. Larger parking spaces are also available.
  • Remarks: ○ 6 cottages total, with a maximum capacity of 6 people per cottage (The interior and layout of each room are identical).
    ○ Designated parking space for each lodge
    ○ Bathroom and western-style toilet included in space
    ○ Please bring your own towels, toiletries, and sleepwear (shampoo and body wash are provided)
    ○ Rice cooker, refrigerator, electric pot, basic cooking tools, tableware and utensils included.
    ○ Pets are not allowed.
    ○ Hand-held fireworks are permitted.


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