Yagi Castle Ruins

Designated as national cultural property in 1997, the Yagi Castle Ruins represents the military commander Yagi of the Tajima Region. Behind the ruins is the 400-year history of the Yagi family from the Kamakura, Sengoku and Toyotomi periods. The ruins of the castle are composed by the roof ruins from the Kamakura period, earthen castle from the Nanbokucho period which shows the structure of the castle as well as the the tall stone walls that were developed during the Toyotomi period. The main area of the Yagi castle can be found 325m up in the mountains, and the fort is 300m long with a 100m stone wall encircling around the castle. It is a representative view of the mountain castle.

Spots detail

  • Address: Yagi, Yokacho, Yabu City
  • Parking:
  • Parking available at the Yagi Castle Ruins Exchange Center


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