Hyonosen Kokusai Ski Resort

Hyonosen is the tallest mountain within Hyogo Prefecture. The dyanamic mountain spreads from the center and is called the roof of Hyogo. From the center to the base of the mountain is a 2.1 km course. The snow quality and the location is ideal for skiing. The ski resort has three courses including the romance, panorama and family making it convenient for those who are beginners or advanced. A slope for the basic ski examination is also available. The first ever ski racing school in the Kansai region is also available, and suited towards those looking for professional training. A mark area is also available and the location is perfect for those who want to improve their skiing and snowboarding level. A buy one get one deal is also provided for every adult who comes with a child (1 day lift entrance ticket = free entrance ticket for one child).
Every Wednesday is Ladies day, ski entrance tickets are free for women.

Spots detail

Address: 509 Narao, Yabu City


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