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Kyushoku - Pridefully Rooted in Yabu City

In Japan kyushoku, or school lunches are part of the norm for the majority of elementary school students. The Kyushoku produced in Yabu City is truly impressive and strives to use at least 30% loca...



Asakura Sansho a Magical Spice Grown in Yabu

Asakura Sansho is a Japanese pepper grown locally in Yabu City of Hyogo Prefecture. The pepper has a numbing sensation like the Chinese Sichuan pepper, but has fresh citrusy undertones giving it a ...



COVID-19 Closure/Event Update 3

The state of emergency was officially lifted nationally on May 25. The time frame in which safety standards were observed as a city were fulfilled on the 26th and on the 27th the Yabu City emergenc...



Yabu City Launches Official English Tourism Website

Yabu City has officially launched its first ever English website! Yabu is a beautiful nature town located in northern Hyogo Prefecture, 2 hours away from Kyoto and Osaka. We hope to update internat...


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